Filing A ADA Claim

The American’s with Disability Act or “ADA” provides relief to individuals who belie that they have been denied accommodations to access to forums, venues, events and general facilities that the rest of the American public has access to. This would mean that a wheelchair bound person should be able to go to the same diner in the same building and have access to the same facilities that any other able body person would have. This would include curb cuts so they can move from the street to the side walk without being carried. This would also mean door entries that are wide enough for someone in a wheel chair to gain access through. Many people are familiar with modified bathrooms and elevators which now allow wheel chair bound individuals to gain access of the same facilities that able body individuals have access to. If a disabled person believes that they are being denied equal public accommodations, they may need to file a claim with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, “EEOC”, or the state equivalent before a ADA case can be filed. This would require the claimant to exhaust all of their administrative remedies, whether these remedies are at the state level or federal level before a ADA civil action can be brought into court. Click here for reliable legal information to help your case.