Employment Questions

When you attend the deposition, there will likely be questions that are rather detailed. Your attorney can give you advice on how to answer these questions pertaining to your employment and employer. It’s important that you answer all of the questions honestly and completely. You will likely be asked when and why you became involved with the employer. Give details about when you interviewed for the job and the process of applying. You might be asked about how you completed the application and if you gave false information on the application. The opposing side could also ask if you were not truthful during the interview. Other questions could be in regards to whether you were given a handbook or any safety information before you accepted the job. You could also be asked about your job duties. Information about any promotions or raises while on the job will likely be discussed. You will probably be asked about why you left the job or why you were asked to leave. There might be questions about friends that were on the job or if you submitted any complaints while at work. If there were any injuries on the job, you might have to give details about what happened and what was done after the injury took place. Click here to discover ways you can educate yourself on this topic.