Documents To HaveGuam Employment  AttorneyUseful DocumentsBefore meeting with your employment lawyer, there are some documents that you should have that will be helpful in your hearing.The documents are related to your employment history. You will need a list of those involved in the incident as well as a little background information about them. Their names and contact information should be listed, and you need to list whether the person would make a good witness in the trial.If you have further questions or need legal advice contact BonifaceCobbina attorney at law right away.Explain the events of your job with the company, such as when you were hired and any evaluations. You will also need to turn in any contracts with the employer or any offers that were given before accepting the position. Turn in a copy of the resume submitted and the application that you completed when applying for the job. If possible, get a copy of the employee handbook. It would also help if you turn in copies of your file stating information about promotions or reprimands.For relevant information visit this otherlegal website that also provides helpful legal advice.The arbitration agreement should be submitted along with any information that would go along with the conduct of the employer. Any positive notes that you can turn in to the attorney will be helpful in establishing your case during trial.If you are seeking sound legal advice and don’t know where to turn Mark Berkowitz comes highly recommended.