Deposition Procedure

There are a handful of strange things that can and will likely happen at your deposition when you are seeking out social security disability. One of the things that commonly happens is the opposition will simply sit and stare at you when you are done making a statement or answering a question, which can get very awkward. When this happens, simply do not say anything and wait for them to continue. They know that this is awkward and they are waiting for you to start talking about, so do not fall for this ploy. Also, never guess when you are asked a question about your history, your mental of physical state, or anything about your case. These people are trained to pick through when people are lying or guessing and are going to try to do everything they can to get you to slip up, as they do not want to give you social security and only want to reserve it for people who need it the most. Only answer questions when you are instructed to give an answer and always take the time to sit back and think about your answers before you actually give them, as you do not want to make a mistake. Click here for reliable legal information to help your case.