Attending Employee Investigation Meeting

Should you fight back if you are the former employee?There is no obligation that you need to participate in the investigation. If you are asked to participate, then you can go, but otherwise, it’s best not to attend. Some of the reasons that you should not attend are:The investigation conducted by the employer isn’t really to determine if any of the claims are valid. It’s not a case that is to help you. The only reason the investigation is conducted in the first place is for the employer to have protection and get discovery from the employee. You shouldn’t have to relive the events that took place. In the event that the employer will allow questions by your attorney, then you might benefit by attending the investigation. This could mean a negotiation between you and the employer about the claim. If the investigation will be unbiased, then you could attend. The employer must waive all privileges, and each party must communicate with the investigator. The results of the investigation must be given to both parties so that they will know of the outcome. If these conditions are not met, then the investigation could be biased, and you should not attend. To find more helpful information, we highly recommend visiting this