Evaluating Employers Financial Resources and Their Philosophy on LitigationEvaluating the defending company in employment litigationThe employer’s financial resourcesThere will be no money to satisfy any judgements if the defending company is not financially viable. This means that any actionable merit in the defendant’s case will be moot once the company’s financial circumstances have been laid bare. These employers often file bankruptcy to make the case’s worth negligible, but a determination of the defending company’s financial straits is not the end of the defendant’s case because often, these companies have employment practices liability insurance for these particular circumstances.The defending company’s financial resources may also g figure into any assessed punitive damages. In this case, the employer’s wealth may be actionable, and the extent of this wealth will determine the size of the awarded punitive damages.A Company’s Litigation PhilosophyThe employer’s litigation philosophyAn additional sector of the inquiry is the company’s settlement and litigation philosophy. It is some company’s philosophy is to not settle any cases under any circumstances. This means that the employee and their attorneys need to prepare accordingly, but only if there is an iron clad case.Costanzo Law Firm comes highly recommended as a seasoned attorney who can help you in this area.